We strive to continually make tasty, healthy treats which, as well as being good for them, your pets will also enjoy.  Here are a few kind words from some of our happy customers:


"Hi Lisa

Sorry  it's taken me a week to come back to you but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the cake.  We were totally delighted with it and it got devoured very quickly.  It looked absolutely fabulous too.  Many thanks for making my wee Toons day a extra special one.


Sam and Toons"


"As an older dog, I have been around the dog-treat block a few times and have tried most of the snacks available in the pet stores.  Now that I am 14 my teeth are not what they used to be, but to be honest they have never been that great- I am only small!

The day the human came home with Liver Cake from Gourmet Dog Treats was the most amazing day of my entire life. The smell, the taste, the easy-on-the-old-teeth texture! It blew my little doggy mind! I have to admit I went a bit crazy, and ate a few more than I should have (us ladies have to watch our waists!).  Now, Liver Cake is the only treat I let pass my furry lips.

I can't thank Gourmet Dog Treats enough. - (And yes, I do have the humans wrapped around my little paw!)"


Liver Cake Review by Tara, Tibetan Spaniel, age 14, East Lothian. 


"I love my goodies from Gourment Dog Treats.  I especially love the Meat (balls) and 2 Veg,  Lamb & Brown Rice and Fish & Chips.  But my absolute favourites are the Chicken Oaty Bones.  I only wish my Human Friends would give me much, much more of them!! YUM."  


Review by Nala, Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, Edinburgh


"Excellent dog treats!  I’m sure the dogs can smell them before I get through the door.  I’ve even got all the neighbours buying for their dogs." 


 Ms T Laidlaw, Edinburgh


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