Welcome to Gourmet Dog Treats

Delicious handmade organic treats for your furry best friends. 


All our treats are specially handmade to order for your pet, for optimum freshness, using high quality, organic ingredients.


Due to increasing cases of sensitivity, we have always used exclusively wheat & gluten free flours and lactose-free milk and cheese to be gentle on furry tummies. We also use lean cuts of fresh meat and fish as well as naturally vitamin packed ingredients, including oats, milled flaxseed, quinoa, golden linseed, kelp and brewer's yeast, to promote healthy, happy bodies, coats, skin, eyes and teeth.

We do not use additives or preservatives nor do we add salt, sugar or colours – there is nothing hidden in our treats.


So for special days, or just because...make it a Gourmet Dog Treat day!


Now available - special Limited Edition Easter Treats.

Springtime Shapes or Crunchy Easter Eggs in a variety of sizes and flavours!

Presented in an Easter-themed cellophane bag with pastel colour co-ordinated ribbon.




New Size*! Our Chicken Oaty BonesBeefy Oaty BonesGravy Soaked Oaty Bones,

 Chicken & Kelp and Beef & Brewer's Yeast Crunchy Bones now come in 5 different sizes.

Mini, Small*, Medium, Large & Huge





Remember to monitor your pets' treat intake and adjust their main meals accordingly.

Please also ensure your pets have fresh water at all times.


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